New SIC SBD in TO-220AC Package by Ansas Semiconductor

Ansas has announced the availability of SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs) featuring lower loss and higher voltage capability compared to silicon-based SBDs and 4A,6A,8A,10A 650V SIC SBDs in TO-220AC package have been released recently. The internal insulation technology delivers a significant reduction in power losses, boosts operating frequencies, and increases the power density of the overall solution.
SiC SBDs feature a reverse recovery time (trr), which is much less than the 35nsec to 50nsec of conventional Si-based FRDs. As a result, recovery loss is much less than Si-based FRDs, decreasing heat generation as well. In addition, the products ensure more stable operation during temperature changes than silicon FRDs, contributing to ceramic isulators and heat sinks in devices.
● High frequency operation
● High temperature operation to +175℃
● Extremely low reverse recovery current
● Ceramic insulator and heatsink combined
● Positive temperature coefficient of forward voltage
● Reduces the switching power losses and increases the efficiency of the application.

Power supply PFC circuits for PCs, servers, AC, and other power switching applications.
Product list
Part Number
SC04650COI 6504 9.5 1.5170 175
SC06650COI 6506191.3520175
SC08650COI 650 8301.3520175
SC10650COI 650 10 35 1.4 20 175


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